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When you want to change your car, the simple pleasure of «changing» sometimes obscures some fundamental selection criteria. From the start, euphoria can give way to disappointment after a few weeks of use. A car that does not meet your needs, lacks documents or expensive maintenance can quickly "ruin the party". Here are 10 advice for purshare used car.

1 - Define your budget

The budget issue should be resolved before buying a used car to avoid misuse. The car consumes fuel (more or less depending on the model), and sometimes requires expensive maintenance,and must be covered by insurance. All of these standards represent a budget that could be very large if we easily succumb to the temptation of our "dream car".Reason must prevail and it is better to choose a car that will not destroy his budget, especially if the person is in a house and has children already (or will come), under the need to resell them quickly.

2 - How to choose your model?
Choosing the right model means choosing the one that suits your needs, your budget, your family expenses. Buying a used car based on "priority" is not the best solution, although the temptation is sometimes strong. "Small bottle passengers" will be more interested in switching to the gasoline model than the diesel model because of the high purchase and maintenance costs.
A compact sedan may be a little bit right for a family with children, while a big SUV may not be the best choice for a single person. In short, do not “crack” on the first model come, think, and define your budget without forgetting to integrate the costs of use. 

3 - Should I opt for a professional or private seller?
The question is relevant because there are advantages and disadvantages to both. The professional revises his cars before selling them and generally offers a warranty. But the desire to achieve certain objectives can sometimes lead to a vehicle that does not necessarily correspond to your needs.
Most of the time, individuals offer vehicles at a lower rate, but there is no guarantee, and scams are not excluded. The maintenance status must be checked (maintenance book or invoices) imperatively. In terms of price, it is generally possible to negotiate with an individual, especially for vehicles that are difficult to sell.

4 –this questions should ask the buyer of used car
The more questions you ask, the more you will know about the owner and the vehicle they offer. A salesman who avoids certain subjects may have something to be ashamed of. Ask as many questions as possible about the origin, the maintenance, the number of owners, the replacement of certain parts such as the distribution belt (large budget), or the reason for the sale. A maximum of information will allow you to motivate or not your purchase.

5 - Is leasing a possible alternative?
Leasing or leasing is very fashionable in recent years and takes land on the classic sale. Leasing makes it possible to drive in a new or new car, while benefiting from monthly payments lower than those of conventional credit.
The LOA (rental with purchase option) allows one to become or not owner of his vehicle at the end of the contract, while the vehicle is returned in case of LLD (Long-term rental). Leasing is a real alternative since it allows a car to be "offered" for which we would not necessarily have had the budget in case of a conventional purchase.

6 – this documents the seller should provide you it
If you buy a used vehicle, you must be provided with certain mandatory documents to validate the sale and create your new registration request:
The crossed-out registration card (signed and dated on the day of sale);
A copy of the transfer certificate 
A technical inspection report of less than six months: for vehicles older than four years;
A certificate of noncommitment, also called administrative status certificate: downloadable free of charge.

7 - What are the points to check?
Before buy used car, should tested very good,
Visually inspect the body, check the condition of the paint (color differences), the assemblies (vehicle accident), the condition of the glazing, and the optics. check the condition of the tires.

8 - On what kind of road should I test the vehicle?
It is imperative to test a vehicle on all types of roads to test its reactions during acceleration, braking, as well as its high-speed behaviorListen to the engine, test the steering, pass all the speeds and ask as many questions as possible if there is suspicious noise. 

9- When should I insure my car?
A car must be insured when taken. When it comes to selling between private individuals, it is when the register is crossed off, before you go with it. For a professional purchase, the car must be insured at the time of delivery. All land-based motor vehicles must be secured from the moment they are on the public road. The fact of recovering a vehicle using a tray to place it on a particular plot of land does not oblige the buyer to insure his vehicle.
There is no requirement for the buyer to make a down payment for a used car. The question here is, if an advance is paid, is it an advance or a deposit? The payment of a deposit is binding on the parties and constitutes a promise of sale without the possibility of withdrawal. In the case of a deposit, either party may withdraw it. If the buyer withdraws, he loses the deposit paid, but if the professional withdraws, he is obliged to return it twice (art. L114-1 of the French Consumer Code).


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