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Everyone can individuals and companies to advertise in Auto Beeb , where individuals get a certain number of free ads of 5 ads and merchants and companies receive 25 ads and free of charge, in order to add ads in the main sections with ease.

Conditions for publishing the advertisement Auto Beeb

• The ad must be real, not fake

• Documenting the mobile number

• Add real photos of the published ad

• It does not contain prohibited matters according to the terms and conditions attached to the Auto Beeb website


How to post the ad in Auto Beeb

• Go to the Add your ad page

Choose the appropriate main section for your advertisement (car - truck - heavy equipment - bus - van - trailer - spare parts)

• Choose the main information appropriate for your advertisement (make - model - year of manufacture - vehicle condition - payment method - transmission type - color - ......)

• Write the exact description of your ad in the description field

• Put real photos in the ad

• Before setting the price, browse the offers similar to your advertisement on the AutoPipe website to set the appropriate price.

• If your number is not previously documented, you will have to document it when the advertisement is published

* Congratulations, your ad has been successfully posted


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