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Privacy Policy

When you visit the Site, you agree to agree to the privacy policy set forth below which relates to the collection and use of personal information and the exchange of information on the Site in order to optimize the use of services, tools and applications, and to keep them as active and secure as required. This applies to the content of sites, services, tools and applications of relevant sites.

Site visitors may view the content of the site without the need to provide us with any personal information. If you choose to provide us with personal information, you agree to transfer and store that information in the site database, which becomes available to those wishing to benefit from such data, including the purpose of facilitating delivery. The service to the third party, which usually contains contact data such as name, phone number, e-mail address, and traffic data to and from the site, in addition to some additional data that the browser can provide us, for example data provided by companies T share these lists.


Information collected when entering or registering and requesting website services

  • - Information that is added when registering or accessing the account
  • - Information that is added through the advertisements you post on the site
  • - The information you provide through our social networking platforms or any third party.
  • - Information about your location.
  • - Information about the nature of the company / plant / agency / exhibition if you - are registered with the merchant account.
  • - Information about the nature of your business if you are registered with a merchant account.
  • - Information provided through user communications
  • - The information you provide when you email the website through a live chat system or chat by e-mail.


Uses of personal data:

 Personal data is used for:

  • - Encouraging communication between the parties to the business process and providing users with the expertise of others.
  • - Conduct statistics on the number of registered users on the site.
  • - Provide the user with all services through phone, e-mail or various applications .
  • - Send newsletters containing the latest news and services updated on the site
  • - Apply site policies and inform users of updates and updates on the site
  • - Collection of fees if any.
  • - Application of the principle of safe trade in addition to the application of site-specific policies.
  • - Use this data for future marketing research for site development purposes.
  • - Compare data and ensure accuracy and data processing on your behalf.
  • - Monitor illegal behaviors by some users that are contrary to the terms of the usage agreement.
  • - Monitoring feedback on the quality of our services, which helps us develop our business strategies to improve services and achieve the highest level of benefit.
  • - Resolving disputes and communications.
  • - Combine your data and data that we collect from other companies and use it as part of the customization of the services we provide to you through our website.


We maintain the highest confidentiality regarding personal data as we do not sell this information to third parties. The Site may disclose personal information to third parties in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable laws and regulations. Your information can be shared with:

  • - An intellectual property owner who believed that there was an account or an advertisement that violated the rights of the owner.
  • - A third party that you have approved for certain purposes.
  • - Financial service providers, marketing agencies and technical support, while keeping your personal information in the incubator only.
  • - Regulatory bodies and security departments, if the site is required to disclose information under the law or privacy policy.
  • - Companies to be merged with the site in the future.


Information that is collected automatically

  • - Information collected by the site through cookies, files, programs, technology and similar technologies.
  • - Information collected by visiting, browsing and interacting with the site, where all the information includes, geographical location, Internet connection information, the type of device you are using and the number of your computer, mobile phone or any other device. To and from the site, ad data and protocol address.


Reasons for sharing your information with a third party

  • - The occurrence of criminal offenses such as fraud and fraud.
  • - Court order or compliance with legal obligations.
  • - Emergency matters to maintain the site's privacy policy and protect the rights of users and visitors.


By agreeing to the Site Privacy Policy, you agree to receive marketing communications via newsletters, marketing, fax, or telephone from us unless you prefer not to receive such communications, you can express your desire in an easy manner through the privacy instructions set out on the Site.


The site allows you to exchange personal and financial data to complete transactions. As we respect the privacy of others and the consequent legal responsibility, we transfer responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of the data provided to us to the business process.


The Site allows you to view your personal data by reviewing your message, through which you can edit or delete your personal data if you no longer need it and reserve the right to keep your personal data in accordance with applicable legal policies.


The site provides links to other sites to facilitate the use and spread of information by clicking on these links and then leave our site, ensuring that your personal data is not shared with these links. And


The site provides links to other sites to facilitate the use and spread of information by clicking on these links and then leave our site, ensuring that your personal data is not shared with these links. We may need to pass your personal data and we encourage you to share information with business parties so as to give them an opportunity to review the information collected about them.


The site allows users who are subscribed to the site to share the published ads that will be published with other users inside and outside the website and through many electronic and traditional channels, making them accessible to everyone. The site also allows direct communication between advertisers and researchers, and to see prices and think about buying and selling. By sharing your personal information with users, advertisers, and researchers, you are solely responsible for that and the site does not guarantee the privacy of the information you share with others on the site.


The site protects your personal information in accordance with security measures for the site such as firewall, data encryption and SSL, as we will be looking for anyone who tries to misuse the site and unauthorized access, but if you feel that someone is using your personal account to harm you and without your knowledge please contact us directly.


We also monitor all bad uses of unsolicited commercial communications. You as a user do not have the right to add other users to your email or normal email list for commercial purposes, even if someone has contacted you and completed a business transaction unless you have your express consent. The site does not allow the use of different sources of communication between users to send phishing messages or content that violates the privacy policy of the site in any way.

For third parties, the site does not have the right to control their privacy policies that apply to you as a user or visitor, unless this Privacy Policy provides information from these parties in other ways, applies only to the use and transmission of information collected by the site


 Site operators reserve the right to change any part of this privacy policy or to remove any part without notice to users. Your use of this site constitutes acceptance of this Agreement and the website operators are advised to regularly review this policy.


For more information or inquiries please communicate the meaning via the following email:

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Last updated 11/12/2019



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