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Terms and Conditions


We aim through these terms and conditions on the site to set things so that they are done in the best possible way, if you express your approval of these terms and conditions that the website will go through, it also clarifies the path that the site will take, to reach a beginning to the path that determines for everyone how to use website .

The terms and conditions of our website are the safety valve that guarantees you to work within the rules and provisions guaranteed by you laws related to electronic commerce, through which you can feel high security and confidence when conducting commercial contracts via the Internet, which results in framing the relationship between the site users and the site operators through A set of regulations and laws that define the nature of this relationship and within a legal framework. The site surfers must observe these laws to ensure their rights and take into account their duties so that they may not use the site for unlawful purposes.

Our mission will be to ensure a safe and legal business track for vehicle trade globally, and to open a global vehicle market that depends on speed and high reliability. As the site is concerned with securing the best services through its constant eagerness to provide the best and most secure service by providing data "as is" without any explicit or implicit guarantees, it is not responsible for private indirect damages and the consequent loss of business, revenue, profits or data regarding Related to your use of the site.


The site owns the copyrights including the copyright and the contents of the site from the data related to the vehicles displayed on the site from time to time and the data rights that the site includes and all trademarks, names and logos owned by the third party are owned by the third party and no license or right will be granted under any names Trademarks, marks, or logos. Except for what is expressly permitted by these terms, you may not copy, reproduce, distribute, upload, publish, post, display, modify, change, create, or reuse any of the site’s contents to reach the parties Three. The site and its content of design, text, graphics and all software codes are protected by copyrights, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights and the laws applicable in the scope of electronic commerce.


By virtue of this document, as a member of the site, I undertake to abide by the instructions listed below:

  • Not to violate any laws, rights or agreements of any of the parties
  • Not to publish false or misleading statements that would challenge or discredit any of the parties.
  • Not to give your site's username to any of the parties.
  • - Do not disturb other site users by sending messages designed to harm them, or spy on them.
  • - You undertake not to perform any activity that would adversely affect the infrastructure of the site.
  • Not to affect the work of the site or any of its activities.
  • - Do not use personal information of users without their express consent.
  • Not to post viruses or any harmful programs that harm the website and its applications.
  • Not to post content, advertisements or data belonging to another person.
  • Not to collect user data on the site and use it for any purpose.
  • - Not to exceed the procedures allowed by the site to enter it.
  • - Do not use fraudulent programs to access the site's databases.
  • - Do not use the services to send spam.
  • Not to post or distribute offensive or illegal material or information
  • Not to publish and distribute information inciting hatred, discrimination and violence against a person or group at the expense of race, religion or nationality.
  • Not to threaten, abuse and violate legal rights (including privacy and publicity rights of others)
  • Not to use any of the data or materials in any way in a manner that violates a trademark and threatens to disrupt the interests of others
  • - Not to advertise or offer to buy or sell goods and services for any commercial purpose far from the site’s scope of work
  • Non-impersonation with the aim of misleading others
  • Non-violation of the laws and regulations in the electronic commerce sector
  • Not to attempt unauthorized access to any of the services, other accounts, or computer systems


Delete and block content

  • The website administration has the right to delete or ban any account on the site with all of its identification and advertising data and any cash paid in advance without referring to the account owner, and it is not compensated directly or indirectly and this does not expose the site management to any legal or judicial issues.

The account is deleted or banned for the following reasons: -

  • Fraud and fraud of all kinds.
  • Hacking the site’s usage policy rules.
  • Repeated notifications on the account by users.
  • Fake and unreal ads.
  • Publish ads to other competing websites.
  • Deploying vehicles, spare parts and services related to the security and military sectors.
  • Deploying weapons, explosives, and explosive devices.
  • Choose the wrong sections of the ad.
  • Posting advertisements or creating accounts bearing obscene words.
  • Posting advertisements or creating accounts with unlawful images or belonging to another person’s trademark or inappropriate images bearing sexual indications or images bearing the meanings of defamation, slander and defamation.
  • Publish data bearing official personal documents or financial records.
  • Publish data that violates intellectual property rights.
  • Publishing data (written or mock) or making links related to alcoholic products, tobacco, intoxicants, narcotic pills, human organs, or any products prohibited by law, directly or indirectly.
  • Publishing religious articles of all kinds that offend any religion that belongs to a person or group.
  • Spreading antiquities, treasures and getting rich quick.
  • False ads and illogical prices for fraud and fraud.
  • Create an online store account whose name belongs to another person.
  • Post duplicate ads
  • Any other urgent matters that require the management of the site to delete your account.


In the event that you breach any of the above conditions, you agree to bear any losses or claims caused by them as a result of a breach of the above terms and conditions.


Free services and paid services

The site offers many free services, that there are some services that need to pay some fees on them, when you need these services and request them electronically, the payment process will be in your local currency or if you want to pay in any other currency, you can do that too, and upon the completion of the purchase process you will get For these services, fees will be non-refundable.


Personal data

When registering or logging on to the site, you give the site full authority to transfer, store and collect all of your personal information on all sites and applications of the site.

The site prohibits the publication of any content on behalf of others (advertising by proxy) directly or indirectly without obtaining a written permission from the site.

There are many different services on the website and its applications that require you to create your own account using e-mail or phone number or login and subscription through a third party through your different social networking sites such as (Facebook - Twitter - Google), and this requires you to put Your password, and this word and all the information that you put under your responsibility will be alone and you will be responsible for all activities issued from this account, we advise you to enter a password consisting of letters, numbers and symbols where it is difficult to know and do not create a password consisting of your name or number your phone .

Providing you with us with contact information gives you the opportunity to expand the circulation around the world, which gives you an opportunity to contact the largest database specialized in the world of vehicles that any data supplied by the third party from the parties to the business process and we provide you with contact lists as a service to provide the set of services provided on the site and we do not have Guarantees of the accuracy and reliability of this data and we advise you to view the privacy policy of these sites.

You acknowledge that all data, text, graphics, logos, photographs, images, animations and illustrations. Whether publicly or specifically transmitted is a responsibility of the advertiser and we do not have guarantees of accuracy, safety or quality of the content and therefore the site management is not responsible for any loss or damage.

  The site has the right to use any advertisement on the site on all social media sites or any other sites affiliated with it, without consulting the advertiser and if there is any error in the advertisement or a violation of intellectual property rights or any other rights, the owner of the advertisement is from He exposes himself to legal liability, as the site, the managers, employees, and employees of the site will not be responsible for any of these compensation, and the site reserves the right to defend and control any legal matter.

Blocking of service

The site has the right to determine and stop any of the services provided by the site, and the site administration has the right to prevent users from entering the site to remove any material posted to it and that if the site management finds it necessary to take any of the above actions for any reason, note that the site management has the right In withholding the service from inactive accounts or he has done a disservice to customers by adding offensive things, the site management has the right to transfer the registered as a merchant to a regular user on the site at any time and without informing the user to do so, as the site management has the right to raise or reduce the number of ads for ordinary users and merchants Without notification .

Compensation for damages

 In the event that you breach any of the above conditions, you agree to bear any losses or claims caused by them as a result of a breach of the above terms and conditions.

You will be required to provide compensation to any third party who submits a complaint against you, including any amounts due to him, whether upon settlement or from what was previously given, in addition to the legal costs incurred by any of the insured parties, which resulted from your use of the site, and a violation of one of the conditions Use and applicable laws, and the site, managers, employees, or officials working on the site will not be responsible for any of these damages, and the site reserves the right to defend and control any legal matter, and this does not mean that you are excused from the obligation to pay these compensation.


Liability limits

The site provides accurate and complete information , which is provided on the basis of the credibility that governs the intellectual property law, as it is a measure of all the services provided by the site operators, with the aim of providing the best services and in a professional way that helps the site surfers to access the information quickly and with high accuracy.

 Since the site aims to facilitate access to accurate and secure information regarding sales and purchases and the procedures that follow, the site is protected for the purposes of ensuring the safety of this data, as it is prohibited to transfer or copy it to avoid counterfeiting and fraud, and therefore the site management limits its responsibility to the nature and credibility of the information Displayed on the site.

 With regard to the process of buying and selling, it takes place in the real market, and in this case the responsibility is transferred to the relevant authorities. So that the sale and purchase process moves from the offer and acceptance stage to the practical side through which the sale and purchase process is completed. Accordingly, the site management suffices with this aspect of the responsibility of mediation between the seller and the buyer in a modern way and in contrast to the traditional sales methods, which means facilitating the smooth flow of supply and demand.

 With regard to real commercial contracts and the associated profit or loss, the site administration has ended its role in terms of providing data as the responsibility is transferred to the parties to the business process in terms of profit and loss, and any related things with this process such as the quantity, type and quality related to the nature of the product offered, where Its responsibility rests with the real parties to the business (seller, buyer), so that site management does not have any implicit or explicit responsibility in any way.

Accordingly, please use the reporting system or communicate with the site administration through instant chat or email communication to inform us about any urgent problems that happen with you, to be hand in hand to walk the right path and work to maintain the continuity of the site services in order to preserve all the rights of users from any violation.

In the event of submitting reports of infringement of intellectual property rights, only the owner of these rights can submit the communication with us, as users are prohibited from publishing any content that violates the intellectual property rights of third parties with all types of content that is published

With all of the foregoing, if we find ourselves responsible for your direction or the direction of any third party, our responsibility is limited and limited to the sum of what you paid for our paid services within a maximum period of two months or 15 USD.


Use the smart phone application for the website

If you use the site through our application on smartphones on Android or IOS, this agreement of terms of use and the privacy policy published on the site apply to you, in addition to the privacy policy related to mobile phone, legal notice and the license agreement from the customer. Your use of the application confirms your acceptance of these terms of use.

  • The application may not contain all the functions offered by the website.
  • When you download the application, you are responsible for any damage or damage to your device or your loss of data when downloading it.
  • The website owns all rights, ownership, patent, copyright and trademark of the application.
  • It is prohibited to use, modify, add, or translate the application code or part of it in any way.
  • The use of the trademark and intellectual property in the application is prohibited.


All communications submitted by users or complainants must contain this information

  • Username (and store name if merchant)
  • Registered email, registered phone number, or both
  • Portfolio balances, if any
  • Full description of the problem
  • Date and time of the problem
  • All relevant information


The site operators have the right to reserve the right to change any part of the agreement or remove any part without notifying the users that your use of this site is tantamount to accepting this agreement, and the website operators are advised to surfer that they regularly review the agreement.


For more information or inquiries, please communicate meaning via the following email: -

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Last update 6/1/0202

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