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AutoBeeb Application


The AutoBeeb application available on Google Play and App Store is one of the pioneering applications in the field of classified ads locally and internationally, and it is a subsidiary of buses and vans, whether through sale, purchase, leasing or required. 

AutoBeeb application sections.

  • Cars division.
  • Department of trucks.
  • Department of buses and vans.
  • Heavy Equipment Department.
  • Trailers section.
  • Department of spare parts.
  • Accessories section.
  • Car Plates
  • Department stores.



Download the AutoBeeb application.

AutoBeeb application is downloaded for free through Google Play App Store. To download the application, click AutoBeeb application .

Registration in the AutoBeeb application:

Everyone can, for free, register in the AutoBeeb app according to the type of user, which are of two types:

  • Register as a regular user.
  • Register as a merchant.


Advertising in the AutoBeeb application.

All individuals and companies can advertise in AutoBeeb, where individuals get a certain number of free ads of 5 ads , merchants and companies receive 25 ads and for free, in order to add ads in the main sections with ease.

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