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Information about the Renault group:

French group specializing in the manufacture of passenger cars and other types of vehicles. Its foundations were laid by Louis Renault, industrialist and machinist. On February 25, 1899, in the west of charming Paris, more precisely in the Boulogne region, "Benco", its current CEO is Mr. Carlos Ghosn, who took over the management in 1999, he made an alliance with the Japanese Nissan Motors, it was a mutual benefit for the company and for the consumers too, the Renault Clio is the company's most powerful car, it was the most successful car compared to all the other models.


Events and history:

Where the car began to enter the world of industry in 1898, when the market was hungry for car production, this prompted Mr. Louis to pump 250 vehicles into the market. Then the establishment of the first industrial line for the company in 1913, and the resumption of production takes place in the various industries of the company, so that "M. Louis" follows for the first time the method of sequencing The first.

When the year was 1914, the military conflict was at its height, and the company turned to the manufacture of war machines, trailers and ambulances, in addition to bombs and FT 17 tanks, which played a role important in the victory, so that Mr. Louis received the title of first manufacturer of the State of France 1919.

After the war ended, and Al-Rajdal won the honor, he focused his attention on the automotive industry and pumped a large number of trucks and buses into the market, with his company manufacturing and developing aircraft engines, and the company's business included manufacturing other machines that depended on engines, and in 1929 starting construction of a new production line for the town of "Bilancourt", and finishing it in 1939. This happened under difficult circumstances during the horrific economic crisis of 1929, and in To cope with it the company struggled to cut costs in terms of employee wages and labor, while accelerating and increasing the pace of production. Wages and declining social services have played a role in the occurrence of unrest, labor disruptions and a climate charged with negative emotions of the share of employment.

Then he entered the year 1939, and France was fighting on the German side, Louis saw that this war was a mistake of the French government, and at that time he was manufacturing war material for war purposes, when the Germans invaded the borders of France, and took control of his reins, Louis was forced to submit to what the Germans dictated to him, so he stood up By manufacturing war material for them, he was branded a traitor and a conspirator against his country, a collaborator with the enemies, after the liberation of France, the company was taken from him and nationalized by the government, under the name "Compagnie Nationale des Laboratoires Renault".

A new era began for the company with the advent of 1945 year, because under the leadership of engineer Pierre Lovchaux, it focused on the manufacture of passenger cars with a capacity of 4 horsepower, with the production of buses and trucks, and the company achieved successive successes and high sales, Renault became the No. 1 popular brand, which required the construction of more production lines, expanded its production to the French abroad a thousand cars.

Statistics for the year 2006 indicate that the financial value of the group's activity was estimated at 41 million and 528 thousand euros.


Famous Renault models:

- 4CV.

- 4.

- 5.

- 6.

- 7.

- 8.

- 9.

- 11.

- 12.

- 14.

- 15.

- 16.

- 17.

- 18.

- 19.

- 20.

- 21.

- 25.

- Space.

- Saffron.

- Gona.

- Megane.

- Twingo.

- Express.

- Cleo.

- Cleo 2.

- Scenic.

- Congo.

- Master.

- Logan.


Renault cars for sale :

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