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Ford company information:

Ford is an American and International Automobile Manufacturing Company. The company is affiliated with its founder Henry Ford, who founded it in Dearborn, Michigan. The company continues to practice its primary work from there.

Ford has managed to prove itself as one of the giants of the auto industry in the world. Jaguar, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mercury and Aston Martin cars are among its famous brands. Statistics say that the company's sales have realized an estimated profit of $178 billion.


Ford history:

Henry Ford took the first step in establishing the company, this was in 1901, and he was able to launch the Cadillac Motor Company on August 22, 1902. Cadillac continues to impose its power on the market with great competition. Henry left his share in Ford, but remained the company makes him tired of the name, the first bases of Ford had been established in a conversion plant in 1903, in which he invested twelve business dollars, which was then estimated at 28 thousand dollars, and the company produced a few cars in its headquarters, and those responsible for it saw that the car parts and its basic parts made in the same company and not taken from other sources, this idea has already been realized.

The company continued its work for more than a hundred years, achieved huge profits, and spread throughout the world as a brand. In 1990, when the American economic awakening, Ford sold a huge number of cars, but the financial crisis occurred, which led to the collapse of the company’s shares, so its sales declined.

In 2006, Ford's profits fell to a minimum, and it incurred great losses estimated at about $12 billion.

Then the twenty-first century entered and Ford was still facing the consequences of economic strife and collapse, as rising health care costs aging, rising fuel prices, and eroding market share. All these consequences forced the company to rely on four-wheel drive cars, this would have continued to decline margins profit for the company, as a result of compensation incentives and reduced demand.


Back to real track:

In the last period of 2005, Mr. Bill Ford the then president of the company, submitted a request to develop a plan to restore the company’s profits again, he called this plan (the way forward). This plan is based on the idea of ​​keeping pace with the prevailing market in the current period, abandoning models that have proven ineffective profitability. This plan requires many changes, as production lines were strengthened, and many factories were closed. Thus reducing employment and laying off employees. This plan led to the recovery of the company’s balance after the recession, but the 2009 disaster in which the company lost $ 14 billion with a net profit of $6.6 billion, That situation was able to reduce its debts, and then finally extricated itself from this suffering that lasted for years.


Company brands:

  • Icon Sport: a SUV with ingenious design and graceful sportsmanship.
  • Focus: A sedan that comes with a bold and modern design with a large number of technological features and features.
  • Focus Hatchback: One of the modern family use cars, it works with a powerful engine and provides spaciousness for passengers.
  • Fiesta: The family car is a multi-functional car, which impresses with its elegant and distinctive design, and its powerful front bumper, in the shape of a semi-circle.
  • Fusion: a multifunctional sports car, with a simple design and two headlights with loud features and a confident look.
  • Kuga: a luxury SUV that combines strength, poise and design ingenuity


Ford cars for sale :

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